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Camping 3 is the 5th game in the Camping Timeline. It is confirmed to be the final game in the series. In June, SamsonXVI made claims that it would be releasing after Armageddon. However, in his group description, he states he will make more. The game takes place after the good ending in Camping 2.


In August 2020, Samson announced on his Roblox group and Twitter that Camping 3 would release after one more game he had been working on. This game, Armageddon, released on December 20.


Day 1

At the start of the game, you arrive at Wicka Peak. You are met by Park Ranger Daniel and Park Ranger Steve. Behind them is the Lodge where you and other players will stay at during the game. You are then invited into the house to prepare to take a tour of Wicka Peak. The tour contains various key locations the mountain holds. Such as the Mines, the Frozen Lake, and the Woods. Once the tour reaches to the Woods, the player has an opportunity to explore. Going further into the woods, players can trigger a cutscene showing the Mouse running across the forest. Hanging on a tree, a note reading "The Mystery of Zach Nolan" can help players understand what happened to Zach Nolan and his daughter Emma Logan. Once Park Ranger Daniel takes the group back to the Lodge and wait for the day to end.

Night 1

Once back in the lodge, someone crying can be heard outside. We encourage you to stay together and investigate. Once outside, players will be teleported into a blue circle and depending on where players are moving, the circle follows. When you find the source of the crying, a cutscene triggers showing Park Ranger Steve on the ground crying in fear. Out of nowhere, the mouse jumps over Steve, kills him and eats him. A mini-game occurs where players must avoid the lightning caused by the mouse. During the game you should try to make your way back to the cabin. If you've been outside too long, the mouse will eat you up. Once back inside, the mouse will be held at the front of the entrance to the Lodge until it leaves.

Day 2

When Day 2 starts, the group discusses what move they should do next, as the Mouse knows where they are staying. Interrupted, one of the a random player will catch a cold and start sneezing. Another minigame happens and players should avoid the sick person when there is a red circle around them. Once it's done, the group suggests restarting the fireplace and finding firewood to heal the sick. 7 pieces of wood is required to restart the fireplace. When all of the wood is collected, sick players can head to the house and warm up.

Night 2

For Night 2, the group decides to stay in the mine for the rest of the night to stay safe from the Mouse. You need to get in before you get a frostbite. If you stay outside for too long you will most likely die to the frostbite. Once all the players are in, an avalanche comes from behind them and traps them. The group gets hungry and agrees to eat someone. A vote pops up on screen showing all players and who they should eat. (If there are only two players left in the server, there will not be a vote) After the vote, players are giving the remains of the chosen player and eat. After, the mine starts fill up with more snow, and the group tries to find a way out. Players must complete an obstacle course to get to the other side of the mine. Daniel appears and escapes with the rest of the group.

Day 3

Once out of the Mine, Daniel leads the players to the campfire in the woods and explains why he was in there. He had also heard crying coming from the woods and found Park Ranger Steve dead. He found the Mouse slowly approaching him and went to hide. After he's done he asks where's the player that the group ate, but the group decides not to tell him. Daniel then tell the group that they will stay in the Lodge as the Mine isn't safe. He takes you and the others back to the lodge and the day ends.

Night 3

Once night falls, the group hears the Mouse's scream and looks out the window. The Mouse jumps up and scares players. They are then encouraged to get outside and are met with Limbo guarding the entrance to the Lodge. If not they are eaten by the Mouse. If the players go out of the lodge a cutscene is triggered showing that Limbo is the daughter to the Mouse and the Mouse asking help to kill the remaining players. A boss battle takes place and gets progressively more difficult the longer it gets. Once it's over, the ending starts to play.


The ending starts off with the remaining players including Daniel being zapped by the Mouse. then the players plus Daniel are being pushed in a cart to the edge of a cliff by Limbo and the Mouse. Almost to the edge, the Family of 5 (only four present) appear and push the cart back. Limbo and the Mouse fight back until the Son appears and tells them to stop fighting. Emma Logan and Zach Logan appear and were inside both monsters all along. The son tells both sides to end their differences and the Father tells Zach that he's sorry for running his daughter over. Zach accepts, but the cart is still moving, Zach runs to the front of the cart and stops it from falling but falls off the edge himself.

Game Timeline

Mansion -> Hotel -> Camping 1 -> Camping 2 -> Camping 3


  • SamsonXVI said that Camping 3 would be the final installment[1], however, he also said after this that he might release more story games, but other games might come first, possibly a Camping 4, or a new series. This was stated on his group description.[2]
    • At the end of the game, after the "Camping". Text appears stating "To be continued?" making players to believe that this might not be the final installment in the series.
  • SamsonXVI said he might add a secret ending.